Mikheil MakharadzeI was born to a family of artists. My Mother Feride a painter, my Father Koki, author of the Monumental canvases and battle scences. From childhood I was surrounded with pleasure of art.

House where I live, was designed and built by my father. His hobby was fireplaces. I’ve four fireplaces by him. My Mom was in charge for interior design. She tried every day to make our life joyous. She was putting different flowers and plants in different places,  changing colors and decorations on the walls.

Not surprisingly, I started to paint at the age of 3 years, following steps of my Parents. Step by step I was developing my personal style, that is popular in my Country mostly in stage and costumes design. At the bigining of my carrier for two years I studied at the faculty of film design, also painted landscape and studies of models. In this venture I met with first differences with the officials as my approach broke long standing principals of Soviet Propaganda Style.

I chose to rebel against such limitations and continued to paint in my father's studio. At this stage I became quite successful in these experiments and was invited to exhibit my painting in New York.

These years my art was narrative full of symbols, influenced by Persian carpets “Kilims” they were so close to me in Tbilisi markets, where one can see walking through the narrow streets at the old section of the City.

Historically, this City was pathway of ancient silk roads, where eastern and western philosophy where intersected and beautifully expressed in Architecture and Music. Same tensions I felt in Spain. I admire this Country. I remember, I’ve produced there lots of wonderful peaces, later I was invited for the exposition of my paintings  in Seville.

Many of my aesthetic notions trough my career shows strong points of contact with oriental philosophy. these interest seems to have increased by reading art and culture of Japan , China and India, when I was designer of the Ballet Bolshoi for the performance “Dreams of Japan” This  time my brushstrokes became not only more flowing and elegant, enquiring the appearance of kind of calligraphy, but also the work itself is conceived as a landscape of highly  western characteristics, with heavy expressionistic backgrounds.

Many times I use visual systems that makes it possible to change the viwers way of looking, using different investigations.

Cuts and scratches, the “wounds” of the surface of my painting are charged with hidden purpose and hopeful resolve. What appear to be gesture of chance are part of this “mandala” bringing the spectator at  deeper level .

I paint pictures the motives which are the great fundaments of art:

History, Philosophy, Literature, Science and Nature. I always had a restless probing creativity, pushing one style to the next. The battle between abstraction and figuration has been essential to my art for the years. It has moved from the profound “ Black and White” abstractions of the 1990s to the ferocious political accusations of the 1993, trough  the late erotic experiments.

I compose these into a comprehensive entirety, into “World”. These conception demands to work with an intensive engagement, searching for the precise nature of mankind essence.

The results of this search used in my works like a mirror. In which I wish to show the reflections of our own ambiguous history and uncertain future.





1990. E. Nakhamkin Fine Arts, New York (USA)

1991. Hofstra University, new York (USA)

1992. Ariel Gallery,  New York (USA)

1995. Euro Art Gallery, Moscow (RUSSIA)

1999. TMS” Gallery, Tbilisi (GEORGIA)  

2002. “Casa de la Moneda”, Sevilla (SPAIN)

2002. TMS” Gallery, Tbilisi (GEORGIA) 

2006. Georgian Embassy, London (UK)

2007. Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery, London (UK)

2010 Espace Piere Cardin , Paris